61 Days Left: DSHS Committee Council Shows it Doesn’t Support HB2.


For the past two days, folks have been able to show their disdain once again for HB2 in front of the Department of State Health Services Committee Council. During these meetings, they were discussing amendments and the overall implementation of HB2, and they allowed for public comment during these discussions. Though the council made it very clear that they could not offer grandfather clauses for abortion clinics, they would take these comments into consideration. During the meetings, the public comments from people that are against HB2 had a huge impact:

All 8 Governor Perry-appointed DSHS committee council members refused to vote to second the rules on HB2. Though this does not stop the bill’s implementation, this symbolic move is unprecedented, with all 8 of them showing their disapproval of a bill for the first time in history. For more on this, read local blogger Jessica Luther’s post on the hearings.

61 days left, and even the DSHS committee council can’t bring themselves to think HB2 is good for Texas.


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